Too Much Choice!

How do you choose your next read?

When I finish a book there are many feelings. Satisfaction of completion. Sad that it’s finished (or occasionally relief that it’s over…) Inner turmoil, confusion, bewilderment, knowledge that this one isn’t going to leave me for a long time – Gone Girl* I’m looking at you. Abstract wondering about what happens next for the characters. Heart pumping – Jamie Fraser anyone? Conflicting opinions galore. Excitement to start the next book. But how do you decide what comes next?

This is a serious question!! Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved trawling book shops, and now, online too. But because of this, I always want to read ALL THE BOOKS. And thus, my TBR pile became a shelf on my bookcase, then a box easy to grab under the bed, and now a small bookcase all of it’s own in my room. They have to be kept separate from my already-read books you see, as even though I don’t often loan my books, I NEVER loan those I’ve yet to read myself. NB: If I loan you a book, you’re a very special and trusted person!! Especially if it’s a favourite of mine. But I digress.

To the point – how do you decide what to read? I finish a book, and I’m all excited like, coz I can get to the next one, it’ll be all excellent, and amazing, and I’ll love it and read it in days. It’s The Fault In Our Stars. Or Just One Day. Or the next installment in the Outlander series. Or another Jojo Moyes. Or crime! Kathy Reichs. James Patterson. But I should read another Jane Austen. But maybe I’ll start Anna Karenina. Or Possession. Oooh, Valley of the Dolls, I really should get to that soon. But Kate Morton. And Joshilyn Jackson. And Dark Places! And everyone is raving about… And so, my head hurts. You see how it goes. I have no idea which book it will be because I want to read ALL OF THEM. NOW.

This is how I feel trying to choose my next read

HELP ME. Tell me how to choose!

*Review to come


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