Things That Make Me Happy

Things that make me happy, or things that I love. I saw this done by Ti over at “Book Chatter” and thought it was a great idea! I think sometimes I get bogged down in responsibilities, things I have to do, and just, well, life, and I can forget the good things. So when I read Ti’s post, I thought why not? Bring on the happiness 🙂

A favourite photo of mine from a trip to Canada

A favourite photo from a trip to Canada

  1. Reading
  2. Hand cream
  3. My best friends
  4. My family
  5. Candles – making them and burning them
  6. Pretty or interesting scenery
  7. Lip balm
  8. Indulging my inner photographer – can’t vouch for the talent, but it’s definitely fun!
  9. Criminal Minds… and Shemar Moore specifically…
  10. Fresh baked brownies
  11. Coffee
  12. Thai food
  13. Purple flowers
  14. Driving long distances – helps to clear my head and gives me time to think… and sing my little heart out!
  15. Quality photography – professional, friends, family. I love going through photos that mean something to someone – you can totally tell, feel the love through the lens
  16. Good, chunky, sink-your-teeth-into books
  17. Owls – pictures, mugs, decorative, jewellery
  18. Reading on the train
  19. Chocolate
  20. Walking
  21. Nail polish in muted colours – my nail beds are tiny and look funny with bright colours.
  22. Winter
  23. Light, short, easy, read-in-an-afternoon books
  24. Swimming
  25. My Birthday. Feel the love 🙂
  26. Other people’s birthdays!
  27. Catching up with girlfriends
  28. Going out for lunch
  29. Shopping
  30. Knitting
  31. Studying… sometimes more in theory than in practice
  32. Going to weddings of people I love
  33. Christmas
  34. Christmas present shopping
  35. My colleagues – I work with some fantastic people – KQ, NC, JM I’m lookin’ at you!
  36. Finding a bargain
  37. Cosy nights in
  38. Great spontaneous nights out – often the best ones are those that are unplanned
  39. Home crocheted blankets
  40. Baking
  41. Winter boots
  42. Reading as the last thing I do before I go to sleep 😉
  43. Getting a letter in the mail
  44. Personal email – IE letters not forwards
  45. Slippers
  46. A clean and tidy house
  47. Cross stitching
  48. Unexpected friends visiting
  49. Weekends away by myself
  50. Relaxing with a good glass (or 2… or 5) of wine
  51. A long gossip session with a close friend
  52. Hot showers
  53. Book marks – I pick one up everywhere I travel to, along with…
  54. Playing cards
  55. Finishing up an exercise session. Getting started, not so much!
  56. Tea – black, peppermint, oolong, green
  57. ‘Me’ time in a spa bath
  58. Train trips – with a little space around me
  59. Pretty dresses
  60. Massages
  61. Facials
  62. Babies and kids – spending time with my friends and their families
  63. The end of a big or stressful day when it’s all over and it’s relax time
  64. Unexpected bargains or freebies
  65. Novels of short stories – either by one author or varied writers
  66. Finding a piece of jewellery that I love
  67. Warm blankets
  68. Surrounding myself with photos of loved ones
  69. Comfortable shoes
  70. Original ideas for book plots
  71. Taking time to have a proper lunch break at work
  72. Live music
  73. Coffee table books
  74. Author events
  75. Chatting to Mum
  76. Making good headway on an assignment
  77. Looking back over my holiday photos and reliving the experience
  78. Travelling to new and exciting places with a good friend
  79. Going to the movies
  80. Homemade apple crumble
  81. Handbags
  82. Going to the Australian Open
  83. Big warm doonas
  84. When my students write a kicker of an assignment
  85. Melbourne Comedy Festival
  86. A cold glass of water when I’m thirsty
  87. New books (Happy Dance!!)
  88. Going to the footy and watching my team win. Go Bombers!
  89. Finding out an author I love has a new book coming out
  90. Phone calls
  91. Rain
  92. New Professor Layton games for my Nintendo 3DS
  93. Finishing a game of solitaire
  94. Vegemite toast
  95. Interesting memoirs and biographies
  96. Popcorn and M&Ms mixed
  97. Musicals
  98. The smell of mint
  99. The colours purple, blue, green and red
  100. Spending a whole day doing nothing but enjoying good coffee and reading!!!

What would be on your list?


4 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Great list! You named a few that I forgot to list on mine: lip balm (cannot live without it), big chunky books, you listed owls which somehow reminded me that I forgot to mention Turtles.

    I love lists in general but this was a fun one to read.

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