Rachael Treasure Event!!

So I was lucky enough to meet Rachael Treasure recently at an event held at my local Collins book shop. The book tour promoting her newest book, “The Farmer’s Wife” which is a sequel to her first book, “Jillaroo” – which I loved. I purchased “The Farmer’s Wife”  on the night and haven’t read it yet, but listening to Rachael talking about it reminded my one of the reasons I love going to these events and listening to authors talking about their books.

Before she took some time and signed everyone’s books, she chatted with us as a group, and read an excerpt from the book. Listening to authors talk about their books for me just absolutely brings the characters to life, they aren’t just people in a book. It was clear that she loved this book and not only the characters, but the country, the issues, are very close to her heart. She even had me interested in soil for a few minutes there, because she was so excited about land development! She was incredibly engaging, interacting with people in the audience – she had some family and friends there. But she absolutely gave the impression of being relaxed, fun loving, B&S loving “for research for the books, of course”.

Collins Ballarat (Book City) put on a great night, complete with drinks and nibbles which were much appreciated! The staff there on the night were just lovely.





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