Books That Have Made Me Cry

So I’m a cry baby. Such a wimp. I cry every time I watch “Beaches”. Every damn time. Geez, I shed a tear at the end of “Mona Lisa Smile”. Why? No idea.  But for some reason, it takes a little more for a book to make me cry. Not for it to trigger emotions, but to actually induce tears? Maybe it’s the visual of movies vs. the use of my imagination required for books. I don’t know. But anyway, I thought I’d put this out there. These are some books that have made me cry. Real actual tears. Or at least tear.


The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas – OMG. So innocent. A little boy making friends. That’s all. With no concern for culture, nationality, religion… He just wanted a friend. Nothing else matters. And it shouldn’t. Read it. But keep the tissues close. This will break the hardest of hearts.

Go Ask Alice – I loved this book. A first person account of drug addiction, from her diary. And it just… ends. If you can get your hands on a copy of this book, read it. A unique perspective.

Me Before You – What happened to Will, his life changed in a split second. And now, the fact that his life is not what he wanted, or expected… and he has the balls enough to make a decision. May not be the one everyone else wants him to make, but it’s his. It’s real. And Lou, trying to change his mind. Trying to show him that he can still enjoy life, even though it’s different. TEARS.

Marley and Me – I’m not an animal person. I’m not a pet person. I just – Marley is part of the family! Doesn’t matter if you’re an animal person, Marley will get you. Well, he got me, anyways.

A Child Called It – Children should NOT be abused. Well. No one should be abused, but kids?

The Lovely Bones – Told from the perspective of Susie Salmon (RIP), from heaven, watching the fallout of her murder on her family. That’s enough to get me going. You?

My Sisters Keeper – Maybe because I am a nurse, and I work in bone marrow transplant. I love this book, but damn, it sucks. Cancer can just go to hell. Especially when it comes to kids. This one just tore my heartstrings. Ripped them apart. The cancer. The relationship between Kate and Anna, Kate and Taylor, the family stuff, what Kate is going through, what Anna is going through. What Sara is going through. It’s. All. Shit. Cancer bites.  NB: I hate the movie. They changed stuff. Like THE PLOT. Read the book. Just – read the book.

The Book Thief – Burning books. The treatment of Jews. Death as a narrator? Love. But tears.

PS I Love You – Holly’s husband Gerry dies. She’s devastated. But he’s anticipated this. And leading up to his (expected) death, he organised letters for her, to help her get over her loss of him. So sweet. So sad.

What books have you read that have triggered an emotional response? Are you as emotional as me – do you cry at books?


5 thoughts on “Books That Have Made Me Cry

    • I haven’t read Skipping a Beat, sounds interesting though I might have to put it on the wishlist. I don’t think I’m an overly emotional person, but Me Before You is just so well written, and relatable, and heart wrenching from so many perspectives. Think I might have to do a review on it, I recommend it so often, and I’ve got so much to say about it!

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