The delightful Sara from Musings of a FlutterbyBear tagged me in her recent post ‘You Can’t Catch Me… ner… oh…’ What fun!

This is a blogging version of tag. In my opinion much more fun than the running around kind we used to play at school, because I get to tell you about me, and then tag some others to join in the fun!

So here goes. As with all good games, there are rules…

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.


Me... circa... 2007?

Eleven random facts about me…

I am a nurse educator in cancer nursing

I love to read (duh – so I’ll give you more). Predominantly fiction, but I do enjoy a good memoir or biography. I mainly read on my commute to work, and in bed at night.

I am currently trying to grow tomatoes in my back yard. Almost there I think!

Favourite TV series – Criminal Minds and Grey’s Anatomy

I make my own soy candles

I can knit, crotchet, and cross stitch

I have one sister and two brothers

I really dislike public speaking. Unfortunate as it is a not entirely small part of my job.

I have an addiction to hand cream & lip balm

I like to bake but I don’t do it that often (as I also like to eat…)

I have 3 best friends, another 10 or so close friends, and LOTS of acquaintances. I have lots of groups of friends. BUT, I am a major introvert.


Now, the questions Sara set for me –

1. If you could have lunch with anyone present, past, future, real or fictional who would you choose? I don’t know! The mind boggles. I’m quite bad at making decisions… Hmm, I’d love to chat to Chrissie Swan. I reckon she’d be good for a laugh. Reid from Criminal Minds and Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. I reckon that would be amusing. And Kathy Reichs, Matthew Reilly & Kerry Greenwood. Oh, and I’d have to bring my mum. How big is my lunch table??

2. What would you want to talk to them about? I’d like to talk to Chrissie about absolutely anything, watch Sheldon implode while arguing with talking to Reid, and Kathy, Matthew and Kerry about writing, their books and how they develop their characters, their consistency and longevity as authors…

3. What is your favourite colour? Blue, aqua, green, and purple. I get more than one, right?

4. Sweet or savoury? Sweet. All the way. This is a problem.

5.What are the top 3 things on your bucket list? Hmm. This is a tough one. I want to travel – at the moment specifically London and Ireland, and I want to do the Ghan up the guts of Australia. I want to own my own home. Preferably sooner rather than later. And I want to read War and Peace.

6. How is your day going? Much better now that I’m at home. There’s a bit of a flu outbreak at work, taking out lots of our staff…!

7. If you had unlimited resources what would you do? Pay my parent’s mortgage off, buy my own home, help my siblings out however they wish, and work with/help out cancer research and cancer foundations there to assist patients & families. Oh, and fix this current Health Budget disaster.

8. Who would you cast as yourself in a movie about you? I love Rachel McAdams characters – honesty, integrity, humour. And she’s gorgeous 🙂

9. Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry? Toss up between chocolate and vanilla.

10. Why is it so hot today? Australian summer is like that.

11. What’s the last thing you watched at the cinema? Les Miserables. And I LOVED IT. I cried… a couple of times.


Now, 11 questions for my tagees

1. Favourite movie

2. What is your drink of choice when reading?

3. What would you love for your next birthday?

4. Next book you plan to buy

5. Your absolute indulgence comfort food

6. How do you get to work?

7. Luxury beauty item you always splurge on

8. Facial/massage, or mani/pedi?

9. When reading a series do you go all out in a row, or break in between?

10. Grocery shopping – love or hate?

11. What is your favourite way to relax?


Now, I’m new-ish to this blogging thing, and have yet to make many blogging friends! In an effort to change this, I’m tagging the girls at two of my favourite blogs to read 🙂

Amy at Bottled Beauty

Jamie at The Perpetual Page-Turner



3 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. Love it Miss Chelsea? I think you should do a guest post on my FlutterBy in Stitches Blog. Maybe the last thing you crocheted/knitted/or cross stitched? Send me an email with the title, text and photos and I’ll feature you 😀 I haven’t had a guest blogger before and have been thinking about it for ages, who better to start with eh?!?!

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